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Web Design and Development

We Build Automated Marketing Machines For Ambitious Businesses

New Websites

New Websites

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Get the Most Out of Your Website

Never settle for a basic website. Get a website that is designed and built to drive business goals by helping in customer acquistion, increasing sales while delivering memorable customer experiences.

Your business deserves a better online presence.
Let us design and build a website that is integrated with your business goals.

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Is Your Website Driving Your Business Goals?

A business website is meant to be the main pillar of your digital marketing strategy.
Is your business website paying off?
Does it help in acquiring new customers?
Does it help in delivering awesome customer experiences, which can improve client retention rate?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, or you don’t have a business website at all, you need to seriously consider having a modern website designed and built for your business.

Digital Marketing Malawi can design and develop a custom website optimised to drive your business goals. We can build you an automated always-on marketing machine.

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Web Design and Development Services

Design and Development

We deliver custom-built websites which are optimised to drive your business goals while providing an optimum user experience.

Let’s work together to create an innovative solution which will not only solve your problems but will also serve your customers better.

Analyitcs and Reporting

How is your website performing?
How do visitors behave on the website?
What is working and what needs to be improved?
Website analytics will answer these questions.

Make the most of your online investment, let us provide you with monthly reports and insights.

Maintenance and Support

Your website needs maintenance every now and then.

Whether it is updating content, updating the technology behind the website or an emergency breakdown (fixing a broken website), we are here to help.

Let us help you serve your visitors up-to-date content and keep your website secure.

Benefits of Having an Integrated Business Website

Many Malawian businesses, especially large corporates, ignore the importance of integrating a website to their business model.

However, regardless of whether you are a B2C or B2B business, a properly maintained website is a vital asset to any forward-minded business.
A website is an indispensable tool in the quest to business success.

Here are some of the common benefits of having a business website:

web design and development

How to Recognise a Good Web Design

The world wide web has seen immense transformations since Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the first website.

What makes a website’s design good highly depends on the intended audience, environment and it’s objective, among other factors.
For a digital marketing-oriented website, it will be judged mainly based on its ability to drive business growth.

The ever-evolving online marketing landscape demands that businesses should up their game and adapt to modern buying trends. If your website can not offer what’s expected in user experience, users will bounce off and look elsewhere – most likely your direct competition.

Is your website getting enough traffic, is it converting those visitors to customers? If not, then it is time for a reality check. That design is failing you.

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Unleash Your Automated Marketing Machine

Take your marketing to the next level.

Get an optimised website that helps with customer acquisition and improves customer experience. Your customers will thank you and they will love you more.

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