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Drive Business Growth With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a highly cost-effective way of reaching your customers in a personalized way. 

Promote brand awareness, improve customer engagement, acquire new customers, and increase client retention rate.

Let us help you run effective social media campaigns.

Why You Need to Start Taking Social Media Marketing Seriously

Social networking is one of the most popular digital activities worldwide.
With the global social media usage rate standing at above 49 percent, it means millions of potential clients are already on social media. This opens up an opportunity for your business to interact with your clients as well as potential clients on social media.

On the other hand, did you know, that consumers trust friends more than brands? Social media recommendations from friends can greatly influence buying decisions. Your social media followers can help you win new customers by sharing recommendations about your products or services.

There are many benefits that come with a social media marketing strategy.
Stop missing out. In order to ensure that your campaign is effective, you should hire a social media marketing agency.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management

We can help you set up a professional and optimised business page, create a strategy to grow your audience and improve engagement.
We can also take care of content creation and posting to keep your community engaged.
Wonder if your efforts are paying off, we will draw insights and reports from your social media pages.

Community Management

We will manage your account and engage with the community on your behalf. Most queries will be forwarded to the relevant parties, while simple questions can be answered swiftly to ensure the best response rate.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most effective methods to achieve your business goals.
We will help  you run ads on any social media platform. It’s time to reach your target audience directly!

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media fuels revenue growth. Period.

Data from the Sprout Social Index only solidifies this point: “89% of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow and 75% of consumers say they’ll increase their spend with that brand”.

Perhaps most importantly, social media can give a brand the advantage it needs over its competitors. When consumers follow a brand on social, 84% say they will choose that brand over a competitor, making it even more crucial for marketers to attract and retain their audiences.

Here are more stats that underlines the importance of social media marketing:


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Since inception, social media continues to prove that it is valuable asset in the marketing arsenal. However due to lack of required expertise and poor integration, many businesses are yet to realize it’s full potential.
Below are some of the gains that can be realized by efficiently integrating social media into your digital marketing strategy.

Start Winning With Social Media

Winning with social media marketing starts with making sure that you have the required expertise. Social media for business is different from personal use.

At Digital Marketing Malawi we have what it takes to help your business win with social media marketing.

Contact us using this form to get started. 

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