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Our Story

Digital Marketing Malawi

Who We Are

Digital Marketing Malawi is a digital marketing agency based in Blantyre, Malawi.

We are a team of strategic thinkers, content creators and innovative technologists who are determined to reimagine the way we do digital.

The world has gone digital, and we are here to help forward-thinking clients succeed in digital culture.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

To produce work that drives growth for our clients.

We recognise that our client’s success is key to our existence and that our growth is only guaranteed by consistency in the delivery of success for our clients. 

our mission

The Journey Continues ...

After undergoing over 10 years of frontline refinement, delivering exceptional digital solutions and customer experiences, a complete self-satisfaction was still missing.

In early 2019, we noticed the sluggish adoption of digital marketing in Malawi, and saw it as an opportunity to build something more satisfying.
In June 2019 was launched.

Now Digital Marketing Malawi is part of Impact Digital, a digital experience company.
Impact Digital is registered with the Department of the Registrar General, registration number MBRS1102506..

Featured Projects

Industry Certifications

Our consultants are certified by  most of  the major players in the industry.

We ensure that we are always on top of the game by updating our qualifications.